Charity Footprint clothing care

Many people have worked on producing the garments we sell on PROJECT ASH from the designers to the machinists as well as many others. We want you to enjoy wearing them for as long as possible whilst continuing to minimise their impact on our planet.

To keep garments looking their best, please look at the information on the care label.

Our top clothing care tips;

Wash less - be green!

Think twice before you wash. Fewer washes and your clothes will last longer, but will also help the planet.

Wash clothes inside out and at 30 degrees

Wash denim and coated fabrics inside out to protect the surface and prolong colour.

Air dry instead of tumble dry

To get the most longevity out of your clothes, we recommend drying naturally.

Following these tips will not only help your clothes look good longer but you will save water, energy and money!

The New Layout have partnered with PROJECT ASH to reduce our carbon, water and waste. PROJECT ASH aims to improve the sustainability of clothing across its life-cycle, and influencing consumer behaviour is a major part of that. Why? Because the most significant opportunity for reducing the environmental impact of clothing lies in increasing the active life of the clothes we wear.

And when you no longer wear a garment, please don’t throw it away but consider giving it a new home, maybe to a charity shop, homeless guy/girl, a friend or even a family member.

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