With The New Layout you will have a complete production team available to answer all your video requests.

Whether you need a commercial, promotional, viral, music or some corporate training video, you can be sure that you will have a talented and experienced team to make sure you get the best outcome.

At The New Layout we develop the following video areas:

Info graphic videos
Product launches
Learning & development
Live and Event Video Production
DVD Authoring

Our videos are a powerful communication tool for brands, products and companies



With a professional corporate video your company can describe on more effectively way products, services and business activities.


A very powerful communication tool, promotional videos can increase your product and business visibility especially through social channels.


We develop tutorial videos for companies who like to be innovative in the way they exchange knowledge.

With tutorial videos it’s possible to reach and train, with detailed walkthroughs, a huge number of clients or collaborators saving you time and money.

All the information can be accessed anywhere (computers, mobile devices) publicly or through private and secure connections.


We understand there is a lack of visual information for users to interact.

Even though there is some literature available in the market, there is a lack of friendly audio/ visual content for users; this made us start projects that would help fill this void.